Specializing in lash extensions that are beautiful & safe for your natural lashes.


Here at Gloss Aesthetics, we strive for natural lash health & the beauty of your lashes and brows to be enhanced! Believing in educating & creating, we show it's about the quality and the care. Enjoy the luxury of lashes! Relax, be pampered, & walk out looking fabulous!


About Our Studio


Lashing is my joy & excitement. My passion & goal is to make ladies feel beautiful plus to educate them on their lashes.

Gloss Aesthetics is here to change the fear that eyelash extensions are harmful or damaging to your natural lashes. With proper application, quality products and extensive training, you can wear eyelash extensions indefinitely with your natural lash health intact (& thriving girl). I've had mine on 4 years consistently, you can also ask any of my long time clients!

 I focus on providing extraordinary lashes & brows that achieve the look you desire. Each & every appointment, my clients receive their own unique style of lashes, best quality, care & attention to detail that Charlotte's lash industry has to offer.


I pride myself on beautiful eyelash extensions all while keeping natural lashes healthy!  


Meet • Haley

Hey there! I've been a Cosmetologist for 6 years. I discovered my love for lashes after an appointment of my own one summer 4 years ago & loved how they made my blue eyes pop & my morning routine time has cut down by 20 minutes! Talk about convenience?!

Soon enough, Gloss Aesthetics was born! I am a Master Lash Artist & a Brow Expert who has been mentored by other Lash Artists around the Nation. I invest in education to make sure my clients are receiving the most current & advanced techniques, styling, & products in the lash industry - & yes, my clients can tell the difference!


My clients call me the "Lash Queen" because of my advanced training & knowledge in which extensions to choose to not overburden your natural lash, thus eliminating the risk of damage to your natural lashes, all while having them look gorgeous on you! 


Lash Clients

Ever since I started getting my eyelashes done, I am constantly getting compliments on how long my eyelashes are... they look so natural and perfect. I now have the eyelashes that I have always dreamed of, I can't say enough how much I love Haley's work.

Megan S, Finance

My lash girl is literal GOLD. I love waking up in the morning and not having to put on makeup. You too can achieve this look by going to her!

Briana M, Bartender

I was just thinking about you this AM.. because i love my lashes. My daughter keeps asking if I have mascara on.

Leah A, Physician


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